Feb 2016

OwnMyCopy 2016 Spring release – Version 1.7

OwnMyCopy  2016 Spring  release – version 1.7.33: The ‘Restore to Gmail’ function was using the standard IMAP protocol, in the new version it’s been upgraded to the OAuth 2.0 authentication method as suggested by Google, which is more stable and secure. The backup data saving module is split into a standalone windows program, in order to improve the stability and speed for the backup data saving and...

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Apr 2015

OwnMyCopy 1.6 adds backup ability for Google Contacts

    We have just released a new version of OwnMyCopy, which adds the new cloud-to-local backup ability for Google Contacts, Oauth 2.0 authentication (means more secure), and other enhancements and bugfixes. Details can be found in the “Release History” section of the download page. Note: you’ll have to re-authenticate OwnMyCopy using the new OAuth 2.0 method for each of your existing Gmail backup accounts,...

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Mar 2015

World Backup Day: Now’s the Time to own a copy of your cloud data

Today is March 31 and somehow people call it Word Backup Day. Actually I second that, our digital data should always have a backup, be it original on a local disk or on a cloud server maintained by other companies, such as your Gmail and Google Contacts hosted by Google. Our OwnMyCopy backup tool is a little particular – while other tools such as Dropbox make online...

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Mar 2015

Google is closing one of its cloud services (Google Code), again

Google Code hosting service is closing, and yes, this is not the first time Google is closing its online service – the last time it closed Google Reader and ever since I never believe its slogan – don’t be evil. What I actually want to say is that, it’s important to backup your cloud data, especially to a place you actually have control, like your PC. And...

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Mar 2015

Preview: Google Contacts backup and OAuth 2.0 secure connection

Aside from some small buy handy enhancements, there will be two noticeable new features in the upcoming new version of OwnMyCopy: Google Contacts Backup, and of course, with a data viewer. Using the new, more secure, Google-suggested Oauth 2.0 authentication method to connect to your Gmail or Apps account. So stay tuned!


Dec 2014

Version 1.4 – restore to Gmail account and export to disk

A new version of OwnMyCopy is available for download. With this release of OwnMyCopy, you can restore your Gmail data (including attachments and Gmail labels) from OwnMyCopy software back to any ordinary Gmail account or Google Apps account. A picture is worth one thousand words, check the screenshots below. Restoring Gmail data (including attachments and labels) Export emails to disk in the standard .EML file format...

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Nov 2014

Preview – Export downloaded emails to disk as .EML files

This is a preview screenshot, it shows the options available when exporting emails from the OwnMyCopy database to a disk folder. The exported emails will be saved in the .EML files, which is a standard file format used by all kinds of email client programs, that means the exported .EML files can be read and viewed by Microsoft Outlook, Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and so...

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Nov 2014

OwnMyCopy has a brand new website!

We have just made a new website for OwnMyCopy – the Windows software that’s aiming at becoming the all-in-one backup tool for downloading and storing your online data (Gmail, Google Contacts, for example) to your local computer. I can foresee the new WordPress-powered website will make the workflow of delivering the new versions of OwnMyCopy  easier in the future. The next release of OwnMyCopy software...

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