Google Contacts Backup


Apr 2015

OwnMyCopy 1.6 adds backup ability for Google Contacts

    We have just released a new version of OwnMyCopy, which adds the new cloud-to-local backup ability for Google Contacts, Oauth 2.0 authentication (means more secure), and other enhancements and bugfixes. Details can be found in the “Release History” section of the download page. Note: you’ll have to re-authenticate OwnMyCopy using the new OAuth 2.0 method for each of your existing Gmail backup accounts,...

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Mar 2015

Preview: Google Contacts backup and OAuth 2.0 secure connection

Aside from some small buy handy enhancements, there will be two noticeable new features in the upcoming new version of OwnMyCopy: Google Contacts Backup, and of course, with a data viewer. Using the new, more secure, Google-suggested Oauth 2.0 authentication method to connect to your Gmail or Apps account. So stay tuned!