Download OwnMyCopy backup tool for Gmail and other online data

System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and above.
  • You must enable IMAP access for your Gmail or Google Apps account. Read the quick start guide
  • Internet connection to the server from where you backup your web data, for example, Gmail server.
  • Make sure no firewall is blocking OwnMyCopy.
  • Currently only Gmail and Google Apps hosted emails are supported, we are working on supporting backups of other online data.
  • you can backup 500 emails for FREE.
  • It’s false positive if your anti-virus software warns, you can prove that using VirusTotal.
Release History

2016 Summer – Version 1.7.46:

  • When install OwnMyCopy, make sure the Windows Firewall will allow OwnMyCopy to access the Internet and communicate with this background lightweight file server which is responsible for saving the backup data.

2016 Summer – Version 1.7.42:

  • Some bugfixes and performance improvements.

2016 Summer – Version 1.7.38:

  • Fixed: When exporting email data from the backup database to disk in the .EML file format, different emails with the same subject to/from the same people, will be overwritten.
    The Solution: Pad the email date time to the left side of the file name of the exported .EML file.
  • Fixed: A bug that’s introduced in v1.7.33 – previously downloaded emails will be downloaded again if the backup data was created by old versions prior to v1.7.33.

2016 Spring – Version 1.7.34:

  • Fixed: The data server will not run when OwnMyCopy is started by the system scheduler (ie. You have scheduled backup tasks).

2016 Spring – Version 1.7.33:

  • The ‘Restore to Gmail’ function was using the standard IMAP protocol, in the new version it’s been upgraded to the OAuth 2.0 authentication method as suggested by Google, which is more stable and secure.
  • The backup data saving module is split into a standalone windows program, in order to improve the stability and speed for the backup data saving and reading operations.
    Note: When installing OwnMyCopy, you need to choose ‘Run as Administrator’, in order for the installer to setup properly.
  • This version also includes some other enhancements, fixes and updates for the underlying security modules.

V1.6.29- 2015 Summer

New: Google Contacts backup and viewer:

Note:  you’ll have to re-authenticate OwnMyCopy for each of your existing backup accounts, in order to backup Google Contacts.

Google Contacts Viewer - ListGoogle Contacts Viewer - Details


New: Login Gmail server using the more secure OAuth 2.0 authentication method.


  • Retry backup after a network or timeout error.
  • The saving of the downloaded emails are much faster!
  • Enhanced the log messages viewer, including added a new option to hide some verbose log messages.
  • Shows a progress window when the backup data store needs to be upgraded.
  • Disallow removing backup accounts when there are background tasks are running, to avoid any possible slowdowns.
  • Cannot schedule backup tasks under Windows XP.
  • Some wired input focus missing issue.
  • Error closing OwnMyCopy when there are backup tasks running.
  • Wrong web link for the ‘Help’ menu item.

V1.4.23- 2014 Winter

Highlights of this release:

New:  Restore emails from OwnMyCopy database to any Gmail/Google-Apps account – yes, you can combine the backup and the restore functions to perform a migration of Gmail/Apps account:

Options of restoring emails back to Gmail accountgmail-restoration-progress

New:  Export emails to disk folder from OwnMyCopy database, in the standard .EML file format which can be opened by other email programs including Thunderbird and Outlook:

Export Gmail (Google Apps) to .EML filesExported standard .EML files

V1.2.18 - 2014 Autumn

  • New Backup Gmail Chats, and of course you can view your chat logs in the Data Viewer tab in OwnMyCopy.

Backup Gmail Chats

  • Fixed: In the Data Viewer tab, the label list and email list can be hidden and do not appear until you restart the program, if you hide it by resizing it using drag and drop.

V1.2.16 - 2014 Autumn

Check for updates – when there is a new version, a direct download link to the installer will be provided.

V1.2.15 - 2014 Autumn

    • Schedule backups to run at one or more specified time every day. The backup scheduling is implemented using the Windows scheduler, that means you do not have to keep OwnMyCopy running in order to backup your online data regularly!


    • New Command line options for professional users. For instance, if you need more than OwnMyCopy’s scheduling function, you can manually schedule your Gmail or Google Apps backups using the Windows scheduling system. Another example is to integrate your backup process into your automation system such as .bat files.


    • Fixed: ‘Out of memory’ error in some cases.


  • And a list of minor bugfixes and enhancements!

V1.1.12 - 2014 Autumn

This is a maintenance release with several bugfixes, optimizations, and user interface enhancements.

V1.1.10 - 2014 Autumn

    • Select which emails to backup by labels, by dates, by size, by sender – usingGmail’s advanced search – all search operators which you can use in Gmail web are supported!


    • Fixed: This is kinda technical: Two memory leaks.


  • Enhanced: Backup logs: Gray out unimportant log messages for a nicer view.

V1.0.8 - 2014 Autumn

Fixed: In v1.0.7, the “Not enough quota is available to process this command” error still happens in some cases when downloading a lot of emails.

V1.0.7 - 2014 Autumn

  • Added: ‘Copy Selected Messages’ menu item for the Backup Logs list.
  • Enhanced: The connection test now also tests downloading the folders and labels from the IMAP mail server.
  • Enhanced: Optimized the download background task, it’s even faster now, and less prone to hanging when multiple backups are scheduled in a row.
  • Fixed: The ‘Not enough quota is available to process this command’ error.
  • Enhanced: The Gmail data viewer is even more responsive to the user’s clicks through different Gmail labels, or even different Gmail or Google Apps accounts.
  • And some other minor UI enhancements and fixes.

V1.0.4 - 2014 Autumn

  • Makes the Gmail and Google Apps email backup even faster, buy allowing background download tasks to continue when saving cached email data to the backup database file.
  • Better handling and logging if there is a disk error, for example, you store your backup data in a USB stick but pull it out of the computer while a backup is in progress.
  • Using network folders like “\\myserver\myfolder” will be warned, because network drives and folders are not stable enough for storing backup data on the Windows system.
  • This is kinda technical – WAL or Write-Ahead Logging mode is disabled for the SQLite database system, according some technical researches, while it might improve the data writing speed, it’s less stable than the traditional logging mechanism.

V1.0.2 - 2014 Autumn

This is the first release. While OwnMyCopy’s plan is to become the all-in-one, to-your-computer backup tool for all kinds web data, this first version only backs up emails, labels and so on, from your Gmail or Google Apps account, and with a data viewer for browsing your emails grouped by labels. If you are an existing GmailKeeper user, read here on what’s new.