How do you explain the name 'OwnMyCopy'?

From the user’s perspective, OwnMyCopy is designed to let you achieve this goal:

Own my copy of my data stored online (for example, Gmail).

OwnMyCopy let’s you actually owning a copy of your data stored online, by downloading and storing them in your own computer.

Why does my company/do I need to backup my Gmail/Google Apps hosted emails?

  • Web servers might damage your email data, read this “old” news.
  • You may delete important emails by mistake.
  • You may forget your password and lost access to your online account.
  • Your account may get hacked.
  • Gmail service may be unavailable temporarily…

Will OwnMyCopy change the *read* flag of my emails?

No. It’s not an email client, but a backup tool for your web mail (Gmail for example), what it does is syncing/mirroring your online data (Gmail, for example) to your local computer.

Is the backup incremental?

Yes, OwnMyCopy only download your online data (Gmail for example) that were not previously downloaded yet.

Can OwnMyCopy backup my email attachments?

Yes, OwnMyCopy downloads your entire email data.

After a backup task is done, switch to the Data Viewer tab in the OwnMyCopy main window, double click on an attachment and it’ll be opened with the default program determined by Windows system.

Can OwnMyCopy backup my Gmail labels?

Yes, OwnMyCopy does backup Gmail labels.

Once you run the backup, try switch to the Data Viewer tab in OwnMyCopy main window, you find that you can view your downloaded emails grouped by Gmail labels and folders.

Will OwnMyCopy delete my web data after downloading my emails, attachments and labels?

No, during a backup operation OwnMyCopy does NOT change your data stored in the web server (Gmail server, for example).

The only thing OwnMyCopy does is backing up/syncing/mirroring your online data (for example, Gmail) to your own local computer, it doesn’t not update, delete or write to your online data server (again, Gmail web server, for example).

Where is my backup data stored?

All the backup data is stored in an extremely stable SQLite database file, and that database file is stored in the folder where you specified during the setup process when OwnMyCopy was run for the first time. About SQLite database, do a Google search or ask a friend who works in the software development area, you’ll find that it’s THE perfect choice for storing and searching backup data.

What info do I need to enter into the OwnMyCopy program when setting up a backup account?

Your login username and password, and these information will be encrypted and stored in the SQLite database file located in the folder you specified during the setup progress.

Is my login info secure after being entered into OwnMyCopy?

OwnMyCopy will encrypt your login info before storing them into the SQLite database file, and your username and password are ONLY used When OwnMyCopy need to login the web server where your online data is stored (Gmail/Google Apps server, for example). You can head over to the Privacy and Security page for more detailed explanation on this concern.

When I delete an email in Gmail web, will the email also be deleted in the backup archive created by OwnMyCopy?

No, deleting an email in Gmail web will not affect the backup data that’s already stored in your computer.

Does OwnMyCopy support Gmail's two-factor (two step) authentication?

Yes, but you have to first login Gmail web and generate a so-called App password for entering into OwnMyCopy, and Google has an instruction here.

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