Features Overview of OwnMyCopy Backup Tool

OwnMyCopy is a Windows software designed to backup your data stored online (for example, Gmail) to your own computer, so that in case of any event that might cause you losing the access to your online data, you still own a local copy of it- that’s why this software is called “OwnMyCopy”.

Data viewer is integrated

A viewer designed for each kind of the supported online data is supplied for browsing your backup data.

Backup scheduling

The backup scheduling function in OwnMyCopy is built on top of the Windows scheduler sub-system, that means even if OwnMyCopy is not running, your backup schedule still works.

Open data format

The downloaded data is stored in SQLite databases, which is a very small and lightweight open source database system used by companies like Google, Adobe and Apple. So no vender-lockin is expected using OwnMyCopy.

Restore and export

When needed, you can restore and export your backup data from OwnMyCopy to various targets.

The supported or planned online services are listed on the left, check the one your are interested in.

Before it’s too late

Start owning a copy of your online data in your computer today!