The Story

Years back when I was in need of a simple Windows tool to backup my Google Apps hosted email but could not find one that satisfies me, I wrote GmailKeeper, which while is kind of "quick-and-dirty" but works with some limitations.

As Gmail's programming interface to external apps changed and caused GmailKeeper to have problems in some cases, as the needs of the users of GmailKeeper evolve, as we use more and more web apps today and we also need to backup our data stored in those web apps, we need a brand new all-in-one, cloud-to-local backup tool. That's why OwnMyCopy has born.

In this page I will summarize the advantages OwnMyCopy have over the old GmailKeeper.

No more backup archive size limits

The old GmailKeepr uses zip archive as the storage and has a limit of 65,525 files or 4GB maximum. The new OwnMyCopy uses SQLite as the backup data storage whose size is only limited to your harddisk (max. 140,000 GB in theory)

With an integrated Email viewer

OwnMyCopy is not only a backup tool for your emails, labels and chats hosted online in Gmail or Google Apps server, but you can also view (and search in the future) your emails locally in your own computer. OwnMyCopy is like a local mirror of your Gmail or Google Apps account.


OwnMyCopy's user interface is simpler than GmailKeeper. Check it out and you can tell.


OwnMyCopy's developed with performance in mind, for example, it utilizes Google's IMAP extensions for Gmail server, it uses simultaneous background download workers, the data downloading and data saving run in parallel, background data loading for the viewr, and so on, all these make OwnMyCopy fast.

Much more stable and reliable

OwnMyCopy is designed with reliability in mind.

For example, the underlying data storage - the SQLite database system is not only very lightweight and fast, but is also known for its stability by the industry, and in OwnMyCopy, the stability related SQLite configurations are set to the highest options. Other examples include, Google's IMAP extensions for Gmail server are used, in order to reduce the bandwith usages, which might affects if Gmail server will temporarily cut the connection with your computer in some unknown cases.

OwnMyCopy will be able to backup more online web data

In additon to Gmail and Google Apps hosted emails, OwnMyCopy is aiming at becoming the all-in-one, to-your-computer backup tool for all kinds of widely used web apps. Each purchaser will receive new versions within your one-year free upgrade period.

You can import backup accounts from GmailKeeper

Backup accounts (called profiles) in GmailKeeper can be imported into OwnMyCopy, but your backup data stored in GmailKeeper cannot be imported, because OwnMyCopy needs more information for each email then GmailKeeper does, for example, each email in Gmail has a "thread ID", which can be used to group emails into conversations.

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