Backup Gmail (Google Apps version) to your computer

Overview of the OwnMyCopy backup tool for Gmail (Google Apps version)

OwnMyCopy is a Windows tool which can backup from your Gmail accounts (Google Apps version, for Business or for Education) to your own computer the following data:

  • Gmail messages.
  • Gmail labels.
  • Email attachments (eg. Excel spreadsheets sent from your clients).
  • Gmail chat logs.
How does it work?

Once you have installed OwnMyCopy onto your organization’s computer,

  • You create a new backup account in OwnMyCopy, selecting the “Gmail” type.
  • You input your full email address (including your organization’s domain name) and password. (Security concerns?)
  • Optionally, you can schedule the backup task to run regularly.

And then, OwnMyCopy will take it from there, download your Gmail (Google Apps version) data using the fast, reliable and encrypted IMAP protocol, and store the data into the small and reliable SQLite database files (more details below).

Features highlights
simple backup setup for google apps account

Setup is simple

Setting up the backup for a Google Apps account is simple, just input your full mail address and your password (these info are encrypted and stored in the SQLite database file you choice in your own computer, not elsewhere).

If you want to filter the data to download, use any search  string that’s supported by Gmail web.

Auto-run backup daily

You can schedule the backup to run at the specified time once or multiple times.

You can even set each account to run regularly at different times.

new scheduled backup task
Human-friendly, informative Gmail backup logs

Informative backup logs

OwnMyCopy provides very human-readable log messages for the most recent run of your Gmail (Google Apps version) backup task, which gives you an overview on which emails were downloaded, who sent those emails, how large are those emails, and so on.

Viewer for backed up Gmail data

OwnMyCopy provides a simple viewer for your downloaded Gmail (Google Apps version) data, which lists the Gmail labels on the left-most side, shows the email list in the middle, and shows the details of the selected email on the right-most side.

Local viewer for backed up Gmail data
Logo of the SQLITE database system

Open file formats

OwnMyCopy uses the open source SQLite database system to store your downloaded data in your own computer. So you use OwnMyCopy to backup your Gmail (Google Apps version), there is no vendor lock-in.

SQLite is very small, reliable, and is very widely used by the IT industry, users include Google, Apple and Adobe.

Gmail restoration and export

  • You can restore your email backup data including attachments and Gmail labels, back to a Google Apps Gmail account.
  • You can export your email backup data to a disk folder in the standard .EML file format which can be read by other email client programs including Microsoft Outlook.
Options of restoring emails back to Gmail account

Start backup today!

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