How to backup Gmail with OwnMyCopy backup software


This short tutorial will guide you through on how to backup your Gmail account (including the Google Apps version for your company or university) to your own PC using OwnMyCopy.

OwnMyCopy will backup emails, labels, attachments and contacts.

1 – Enable IMAP access for your Gmail account

As illustrated below. Here is an instruction by Google, if you need.

Enable IMAP access in Gmail web
2 – Get OwnMyCopy installed in your computer

Download and run the OwnMyCopy installer program, it’ll guide you through step by step.

3 – Choose where to store your backup data

Once OwnMyCopy is installed, run it. The following should be the first screen you’ll see.

Choose where to store backup data
4 – Create a new backup account
5 – Schedule the backup to run regularly (optional)
  • Switch the Scheduling tab.
  • Click the ‘Add Schedule’ link and you’ll see.
6 – Ready and go!

Click the Backup button and see your emails being downloaded and ready for viewing offline!

Before it’s too late

Start owning a copy of your online data in your computer today!