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I just want to say thank you a thousand and one times for developing this program. I am a recent graduate with several thousand important emails under a college administered gmail account, which is scheduled for deletion in a few weeks. I was struggling to find a program that would reliably download all of my emails to my hard drive in an organized and reasonable timeframe. After days of research I’ve found only one: OwnMyCopy. I was terrified for a month that I would lose over 4 years of important emails, and for the first time this week, I am breathing easy. The convenience and features, especially the backup log, blew me away. Thanks again!

Victoria Harbou
a OwnMyCopy customer

Testimonial Victoria Harbou

I was initially reluctant to upgrade from Gmail Keeper, which was great, though with some limitations. However, I’ve been delighted with its younger brother OwnMyCopy – easy to install and intuitive to use with a great simple user interface. Fast loading of the program and email backup and no bugs that I’ve encountered. Even better now that scheduled backup is incorporated, and I look forward in due course to being able to search the archive, which will no doubt be superior to Gmail’s own search facility!

Brad Bowling
a OwnMyCopy customer

Testimonial Brad Bowling
Some testimonials of GmailKeeper – the predecessor of OwnMyCopy

Great tool and works as stated. Has a neat and failsafe interface…

Shankar Ganesh

Testimonial Shankar Ganesh

let me express my satisfaction with your product. It works just as advertised, which
gives me a worry-free Gmail experience.

Matthias Hellrich
a GmailKeeper user from the US

Testimonial Matthias Hellrich

For a while now we have been looking for the best method of backing up emails, tried many different complicated options, that stopped when we found the Gmail Keeper software.

It is by far the best solution we have come across, very simple to use, effective and gets the job done!!! The support is excellent. Keep it up.

Monawar Bashir
Axis International, London

Testimonial Monawar Bashir

I found Gmail Keeper to be the fastest and easiest way of transferring email between Google Mail and Google Apps Mail accounts – it took care of all the labels perfectly! The interface is intuitive and the scheduling feature means you can set and forget worrying about your email being vulnerable in the cloud! .

Ian G.
a GmailKeeper use from UK

Testimonial Ian G.
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