Privacy & Security Concerns

Let's put it in a human-friendly way :)


About this website

- This website uses Google Analytics for website analysis, other than that, this website does not track anything else.


About the stability of the backup data storage of the software

- The OwnMyCopy backup software uses SQLite database files to store your backup data, SQLite itself is very stable, and in OwnMyCopy software the SQLite database file is configured for maximum stability allowed by SQLite.


About how your username and passwords are being stored and where

- When you create a backup account, you will have to input your login name and password in order to be able to download your web data from your online server (Gmail server, for example). OwnMyCopy backup software stores this information in an encrypted manner into the SQLite database file.


About how your user name and passwords are being used

- OwnMyCopy backup software uses this login info ONLY when downloading your web data from the corresponding online servers (eg, Gmail IMAP server), and NEVER sends this info to other computers via the Internet. If you want to verify this, use a Firewall software that will ask for your permission everytime a program is establishing an Internet connection, for example, ESET Smart Security, you can then see all the other computers OwnMyCopy connects to are servers of your online service companies, for example, Gmail servers.